What the judges are looking for

Here are some thoughts from our jury to give you an insight into what they are looking for when judging entries.

"I'll be looking for ideas that AI couldn't have created. For me, standout campaigns typically come from an unexpected human insight and are deftly delivered in a culturally connected way. Considering the nation's current mood, I'm excited to see campaigns that offer real-world solutions, make people smile, or do both!"

Jo Chappell, divisional creative director, Fever

"It’s an honour to return for the 3rd time to the Creative Moment Awards jury. As always, but maybe even more this year, I’ll be looking for fresh ideas that are both timeless and timely, that are culturally relevant, capture the zeitgeist, and are earned media drivers, brought to life through campaigns that generated substantial results for the clients who had the courage to make them happen. Best of luck to all the participants!"

Gabriela Lungu, executive creative director, Publicis・Poke

"Stoked to be judging The Creative Moment Awards again this year. As the bar gets higher yet again, what an absolute privilege it is to have the opportunity to wallow in all of the best in class creative thinking from across the creative industries."

Don Ferguson, deputy MD, Hope&Glory

"Creativity is a wonderful thing. It allows us to change the way we view the world and to think that little bit differently; allowing us to broaden our horizons, enrich our lives and solve problems great and small. It's a joyous, positive spirit and I can't wait to see the best of it in this years Creative Moment Awards."

Marc Allenby, co-founder and chief creative officer, Hijinks

“Last year was a tough year of restrictions and consistently changing rules and parameters, which is a nightmare for most creatives. I look forward to seeing campaigns/initiatives that were clever, showed real strategy and allowed nuance to guide it even with the imposed limitations.”

Kim Allain, creative, MSL

"I really want to see work that is delivering genuine effectiveness and impact first and foremost. And then receiving industry recognition – not the other way round."

Indy Selvarajah, chief creative officer, Ketchum

"I’d love to see ideas that have been brought to life through sophisticated chemistry between relevant insights and beautiful creativity."

Ala Uddin, executive creative director, mudorange

“I love work that is original in thought, and executed excellently. I love the stuff that a team has taken way beyond what was probably expected by a client. And I love creativity that has made a mark in popular culture too. That’s a lot of love.”

James Cross, CCO and founder, Meanwhile

"I want you to make me sick with jealousy, wishing I'd done it! Top entries will have clear objectives, a highly creative answer to the brief, and impactful results."

Henry Warrington, partner and creative director, Third City

“The world has changed in the last year, I want to see work that reflects and embraces that in the most interesting, weird and wonderful ways.”

Rich Miles, CEO, Diversity Standards Collective

“It’s an honour to be part of the Creative Moment Awards once again! I’m looking forward to see ideas even greater than last year’s amazing work. As a judge, I am always excited to see innovative, surprising and disruptive ideas, that make an impact in the culture. Simple stories that have great impact.”

Pedro Americo, executive creative director, McCann, Germany

"I'm looking for ideas that make me FEEL something, insight-led and leave a lasting impression, so much so that our great-grandkids will talk about it in many years to come (I’m young, so that will be in 100 years or so). Campaigns that secured the coverage, drove buzz on socials and were the topic of many group chat conversations."

Olivia Mushigo, senior creative, Good Relations

“This year I am looking for craft, strategy and a single minded approach to a comms challenge. Something that inspires and really challenges the audience to rethink or see themselves in the creative.”

Naresh Subhash, deputy creative director, MadeBrave London

"Stand out creative which seems so obvious yet so bloody clever with the impact stats to back it up."

Paul Lucas, director, Fanclub PR

"Entries need to entertain and tell the full story from brief to execution through to evaluation – I’m keen to see ground-breaking creativity and a clear relationship between the work and stated commercial objectives."

Pete Mountstevens, chief creative officer and managing partner, Taylor Herring

"For me it’s all about dare, share, care: is it daring enough to capture attention, is it easy enough to pass on and share, do people care enough about it to take a different course of action."

Sarah Firth, strategy and creative director, Speed

"I’m on the hunt for work that blows my mind with a brilliant idea and impeccable craft. The kind of creative that leaves a lasting impression on the industry and the audience.
Give me that combo of out-of-the-box thinking and skilful execution and i’ll give you all the gongs under the sun."

Dan Roberts, creative director, The Romans

“Make me sick with jealousy about an idea I wish I’d had. Make me green with envy at the impact it made.”

Gemma Moroney, co-founder and behaviour designer, SHOOK

"I hope to see business impact; work that is relevant to the brand, tells its story and makes a difference. I’m hoping to avoid entries where people remember the agency for the idea more than the brand they are working for."

Christopher Slevin, creative director, Inkling Culture

"I'm looking for "I wish I'd done that" pieces of work, something that compels me to tell other people about it. Looking forward to seeing work that leaves a lasting impression and is super clear, from insight to execution."

Jas Nandoo, creative, Leo Burnett

"Great creativity is not just about catching eyes; it's about capturing hearts and minds. I hope to see campaigns that go beyond just grabbing attention, that resonate deeply and are steadfast in their reason for being; whether that’s tackling an important issue or simply bringing joy to people’s life."

Mike Chivers, creative director, The PHA Group

"Whilst 'Creative' is in the title of the awards, it can't just be creative. The best ones are always insightful, beautifully executed, great results—creative, yes, but also bang on for the audience and the right media and social channels. Not much really!"

Chris Grabowski, creative director, Cirkle

"An idea that you get straight away, disrupts the conventions of that category or market, makes a difference and makes me think ‘I wish I would have thought of that’."

Graham Goodkind, founder & chairman, Frank

"I'm looking for entries that combine talkability and bankability, deliver creatively and commercially and as a result, are seen by both your target audience and your client's CEO because there is genuine business impact."

Greg Double, creative director, BCW Global

“I want insights that make me think. Creative that makes me smile (cry/laugh/scream… whatever’s your jam). Execution that makes me applaud. And impact that make me envious.”

Asim Qureshi, director, digital services, Axicom

“I’m looking for work that’s punching. Campaigns that aren’t staying in their lane. The ones that find new ways to make me stand up and take notice.”

Dan Roberts, creative director, The Romans

"Particularly in the current climate, brands are tired of just getting what they pay for. What I'll be looking for is campaigns that use the unique power of earned creative to generate fame and fortune that money alone can't buy."

Ollie Edwards, deputy executive creative director, Good Relations

"I’m looking for fresh ideas that make me pay attention. Ideas that genuinely get noticed beyond our industry. Things I’d want to tell people about at the pub. Insights and executions that make me smile through their sheer ingeniousness."