What the judges are looking for

Here are some thoughts from our jury to give you an insight into what they are looking for when judging entries.

“It goes without saying the past year has been really tough, but creativity often thrives under tight restrictions and in times of adversity, so I’m excited to see the work that has come out of it. The Creative Moment Awards is always an inspiring one to judge (the clue is in the name) and I’m looking for campaigns I wish I’d come up with!”

Jo Chappell, creative director, Fever PR

“I’m looking for strong, simple ideas executed in interesting or beautiful ways - ideally something that doesn’t feel like advertising.”

Jolyon White, co-founder, 10 Days

"I am looking for innovative and new ideas that push the boundaries of advertising. The Creative Moment Awards are fantastic for highlighting emerging talent and great creativity so it is always really exciting to be a judge."

Suhayla Ibrahim, digital creative manager, Bacchus Agency

“What I am looking for as a judge are campaigns that genuinely have elicited positive change in audiences and society….and what I’ll be looking to sift-out are any with ‘plastic-purpose’ (not sustainability campaigns!) ie those with the veneer of purpose, but no depth or impact.”

Chris Bamford, creative director, Kindred

“The last year has forced everyone, everywhere to think differently. I’m looking forward to seeing how this has played out creatively - how the best minds in the industry have embraced everybody’s favourite new p word – pivot – in their thinking and used it to come up with genuinely fresh ideas.”

Jack Hutchinson, creative director, ENGINE MISCHIEF

“A campaign that is genuinely surprising and disruptive, where the team have clearly gone above and beyond to hijack any and all opportunities to maximise coverage potential, delivering results that smash a client’s expectations. All written in a way that’s entertaining and enjoyable because believe me, after reading a lot of entries, a bit of levity goes a long way.”

Ottilie Ratcliffe, associate creative director, The Romans

“I’m looking for entries with a beautiful thread between the insight, creative platform and execution.”

Ellie Tuck, creative director, FleishmanHillard

"When it comes to judging, i always look for the same, originality and clarity of thought, innovative craft and execution and something that leaves that gnarly "wish i'd done it "feeling in my gut!"

Sue Higgs, executive creative director, dentsu mcgarrybowen

"I love judging for the Creative Moment Awards! Because somehow this is the place where I can witness the synergies of all communication disciplines coming into one. At the end of the day, that's why we're in this business - to come up with a creative (communication) solution to a business problem. And I like it here because I can see this being the aim of a campaign, rather than fitting into a preset category. The winning ones are the boldest ones. You cannot bore someone into selling something."

Razvan Capanescu, creative partner, WINGS

"It’s an honour to return for the 3rd time to the Creative Moment Awards jury. As always, but maybe even more this year, I’ll be looking for fresh ideas that are both timeless and timely, that are culturally relevant, capture the zeitgeist, and are earned media drivers, brought to life through campaigns that generated substantial results for the clients who had the courage to make them happen. Best of luck to all the participants!"

Gabriela Lungu, global creative director, VMLY&R Commerce

"Stoked to be judging The Creative Moment Awards again this year. As the bar gets higher yet again, what an absolute privilege it is to have the opportunity to wallow in all of the best in class creative thinking from across the creative industries."

Don Ferguson, director, Hope&Glory

"Innovation and disruption are key for me - we see the same ideas rehashed and reworked so many times, so if something is going to break the mould it needs to do things differently. Creating noise in social and PR is easy - creating lasting change and impact is much harder. Purpose driven with a key, simple message is imperative to push my buttons - doing that in a way which is creatively impactful and spectacular is a winner in my book."

Joe Goulcher, creative director, Rise at Seven

"I'll be asking if the work is a creative use of technology, or use of technology for its sake? Does the campaign enable and empower its audience around a movement for change or just profit? Does the campaign speak to its target audiences in a way that invites inclusion to the conversation? These are the questions I'll be asking when judging entries."

Chris Kedian, digital director, Alfred

"Creativity is a wonderful thing. It allows us to change the way we view the world and to think that little bit differently; allowing us to broaden our horizons, enrich our lives and solve problems great and small. It's a joyous, positive spirit and I can't wait to see the best of it in this years Creative Moment Awards."

Marc Allenby, executive creative director, Chime Group

“Last year was a tough year of restrictions and consistently changing rules and parameters, which is a nightmare for most creatives. I look forward to seeing campaigns/initiatives that were clever, showed real strategy and allowed nuance to guide it even with the imposed limitations.”

Kim Allain, creative, MSL

"I'm looking for work that is culture first. That is unexpected, intriguing and is not just memorable, but unforgettable."

Indy Selvarajah, executive creative director, Ketchum

"I’d love to see ideas that have been brought to life through sophisticated chemistry between relevant insights and beautiful creativity."